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New Episode: Jaded Dater? Get over it!

CLICK TO PLAY EPISODE Dear Lady Brain, I’m gay, poor, and have virtually no social circle. Oh did I mention jaded? But I still am attractive, have a sense of humor,  can be sensitive. And I don’t want give up on love or companionship. Where and how do I meet and  date?–Jaded J. We have … Continue reading

Episode update: Cougars are back!

CLICK TO PLAY EPISODE In a prior posting, we called out the latest trend in NYC–Cougar and Cub meetups. Well, now the matches are happening in San Jose! Read all about it in the latest SJ Mercury News article. And listen to what we had to say back in November, 09 about why this trend … Continue reading

Episode alert: Camel Toe–feeling groovy?

CLICK TO PLAY EPISODE: Camel Toe–What do you know about the toe? Camel Toe is the ultimate in the great divide–whether you’re for it or against it be aware, you can smooth it out down there!  In the days of hairless vulvas, things can get a little–let’s just say– “groovy.” So in this episode we … Continue reading

NEW EPISODE: What are your Goals for Sex?

Click to play episode: The difference between men and women, revealed! Dear Lady Brain, Do men and women have different goals for sex? –Alex, San Francisco Dear Alex, We highly recommend a listen to our show on this topic!  But the best way to sum it up can be found in the following quote: “Women … Continue reading