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Unfiltered, real conversation.

The Lady Brain Show is one of the few duo-female hosted shows on the air–so for two hours a week you’ll get what you’d expect from two women who aren’t shy about talking about–oh, everything. Whether it’s interviewing interesting people, popping on pop culture or giving out opinions in our weekly news roundup, anything is fair game. Plus in every show, we dole out a bit of sex and relationship advice (and tell you what your girlfriends won’t).

Our interviews are with the coolest people on the planet and include actors, directors, best-selling authors, musicians, and world-famous comedians. We pride ourselves on total candor, really useful information and tons of laughs.

We’ve talked to singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks, actors Michael Pena and Natalie Martinez, screenwriters and actors, Rashida Jones and Will McCormack; directors Eve Ensler, Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig and Todd Solondz, comedians Kevin Nealon, Paul Reiser, Wayne Brady, Jen Kirkman and Andy Dick; Bravo’s Andy Cohen, NYT best-selling authors Michael Hainey, Junot Diaz, Judy Blume, Lisa See, Jesse Bering, Deborah Tannen, Bill Clegg and Peggy Orenstein. Plus Dan Savage, Markos Moulitsas and more.


Now that you’re hooked, here’s how to find us: On TV– Comcast Hometown Network channel 104 throughout Northern California, and CN 100 in Chicago. On the radio in San Francisco 960AM KNEW, Sacramento Talk 650AM KSTE and in Phoenix 93.9FM KWSS. The show is also available 24/7 on iTunes, theladybrainshow.comFacebook, Podcasts and Stitcher.com

Email us at:  theladies@theladybrainshow.com for a more personal conversation.

The Lady Brain Show with Steph and Lauren is a fun, entertaining and fast-paced show that talks to men and women in the way women talk to each other–unfiltered.

Lauren lifts up the rug on the topics most people sweep under—and provides a sane and intelligent take on every matter. Plus she feels if she can’t laugh at herself, who will? Lauren has appeared on CBS5 News, KTVU2 News, KRON4, HGTV, and ABC7’s View from the Bay and 7Live.



Steph The Lady Brain ShowSteph has been in radio for the better part of her career and provides smart, racy commentary on the issues most women only whisper about. Stephanie was also the sidekick and producer for the Blazy and Bob Morning Show on KOME in San Jose and has appeared on HGTV’s Find Your Style, ABC7’s View From the Bay and 7Live.





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