The Wiggles band; Author Kelly Corrigan; Comedian Jen Kirkman; Praise to Criticism Ratio

TheWigglesAuthor Kelly Corrigan and Laura Clydesdale of Notes & Words join us in studio to talk about their upcoming event benefitting Oakland Children’s Hospital. And, super funny and sometimes drunk comedian Jen Kirkman talks about her new book “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself.” She’s appearing all weekend at The Punchline in San Francisco.

And, we’ve got plenty of unfiltered discussion around killer topics like “is your digital life hurting your social life?” ” “the ideal praise to criticism ratio” and how to “do your business” at the office. Plus, advice for a Brainiac in Livermore, healthy arguments and vintage words that really deserve a comeback (bitchfoxly!).

But first up… It’s a Wiggly Party! Waa, waa, waa, waa, waa, waa-aah! That’s right the world famous Australian children’s group The Wiggles will join us. We’ll meet founding member Anthony Field and all three new Wiggles. Beauty mate!

Watch the preview: 

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Lovin you so!

Steph and Lauren

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One thought on “The Wiggles band; Author Kelly Corrigan; Comedian Jen Kirkman; Praise to Criticism Ratio

  1. I happened to stumble on your show Lady Brain w/Steph and Lauren….and loved it!…..I could relate to it on so many levels! One of the levels would be that the conversations that these two bright young ladies have, sound so familiar to ramblings I have with my cat!…I know, I know, that would be a one sided conversation. ….but he’s a hell of a listener!……where was I, oh yeah, couldn’t really put my finger as to why I really liked the show..(and NO it isn’t because you guys remind me of that SNL skit)!, but I did enjoy it, and hope I can get some tickets…that is if you have any seats HA-HA!

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