“Independent Lens” Producer, Comedian/Actor Rob Schneider, and The Godfather’s Daughter


Rob Schneider

Meet the brilliant, yet humble, Lois Vossen, Founder and Producer of the long-running PBS series INDEPENDENT LENS. She tells us about this season’s fantastic line up. Can you say “Oscar?!”

Plus we talk with Rita Gigante, Author of THE GODFATHER’S DAUGHTER, about life as the child of the Mafia’s biggest crime boss, Vicent “The Chin” Gigante. Her stories will astound you.

Actor and Comedian Rob Schneider calls in! Check him out tonight on the show and at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco through Sunday — you can do it!

All this plus advice, another Scooter tale, a rating site for the men in your life (really? yes, really!) and what hashtag would you use to describe your first kiss?

Don’t miss it! Watch on Comcast Hometown Network Channel 104 (live at 10pm Saturdays and On Demand); Saturdays at 10p in San Francisco, on 960AM KNEW, Sacramento on Talk 650AM; Sunday at 10p in Phoenix on KWSS 106.7FM. Listen live, stream it or get the podcasts later in the week! And by all means, sign up for our emails for heads up on each week’s topics!

Lovin you so!

Steph and Lauren

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